For Expectant Dads and Partners -

You'll Feel the Benefits From Birth Affinity Classes Too! 


  You might think that all antenatal classes are the same and are not really designed for the benefit of birth partners.

But Birth Affinity and Natal Hypnotherapy are not like "all antenatal classes" !




Birth Affinity and Natal Hypnotherapy classes have always been aware of the vital need to support partners and we work hard to ensure that the needs of partners are met in our classes too.  Whilst you might not actually be experiencing the physical sensations of birth, how well prepared, relaxed, and confident you are can have a huge influence over how calm, gentle and positive the birth experience is for mum and baby. 

We know that Dads and Partners have their own anxieties, concerns and doubts about birth, their new role as a parent and also about how their relationship with their partner will change.  We also know how your stress, anxiety and worry can impact not only on your experience of the birth, but can also have a hugely negative influence on the birthing process itself. 

Run by a qualified, experienced Midwife, workshops are up to date with the latest information and research on pregnancy, birth and the early days.  Before attending our workshops, all participants, including birth partners receive an individual, confidential and detailed pre-course questionnaire. This essential information is then used to carefully ensure that your class deals directly with all your concerns and anxieties. Whether your concerns are mainly about learning and developing  the right skills and knowledge to effectively support your partner during the birth, or are more focussed around what happens beyond the birth itself, parenting responsibilities and your place within the new family unit, Birth Affinity and Natal Hypnotherapy have the right knowledge, information and support to help you.  We can even help you overcome trauma from a previous negative birthing experience that you have witnessed.

Attending Natal Hypnotherapy workshops will give you the essential knowledge and skills to help you:-

• Feel calmer, confident and more relaxed about the forthcoming birth

• Have a better understanding of the birthing process

• Overcome your own fears, concerns and needs

• Support the mother effectively

• Deal effectively with the medical team

• Make informed choices and decisions


Calmer parents, calmer babies!


In short, you will be emotionally, mentally and physically prepared to give your partner the best possible support during the birth, and you will both be fully equipped to make a gentle and smooth transition to parenthood.

An additional bonus of the Natal Hypnotherapy workshops is that you can apply what you have learnt to  make positive changes elsewhere in your life - from improving your presentation skills, to reducing work related stress and more. 

So you see, Birth Affinity and Natal Hypnotherapy workshops really have been designed with you in mind and are immensely beneficial for you too. But don't just take my word for it! Read a small selection of what some past attendees have to say about the benefits of attending a Natal Hypnotherapy workshop run by BirthAffinity, and book now to start feeling the benefits of being well prepared:-

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"Excellent. Understanding, funny and a real enthusiast. TOP MARKS. Very easy going and a brilliant support. I feel much closer to my wife in relation to the birth now that I have been trained properly. THANK YOU" Toby, London  

"I think Costas was in total control of the whole thing, he made the best birthing partner ever! He even said that he enjoyed it afterwards!" Hadie and Costas, Chelmsford

"Rob also highly recommends the course, he often tells people how he felt so much more informed and comfortable with the birth and relaxed during my first labour"  Andrea, London

"Paul was amazing!!!!!!. We are both well recovering at home and Paul and I are full of joy and happiness!" Evelyn, Bishop's Stortford

"She (Lorraine Berry) was fantastic and I would recommend her to anybody who is concerned about birth" Chris, Kent