Why Choose Birth Affinity Hypnosis for Birth and Birth Preparation?

Lorraine Berry is unique in Herts and Essex in that she is the ONLY Midwife also offering workshops by the UK's leading provider of hypnosis for birth, award-winning Natal Hypnotherapy.  

Lorraine is  also

  • Qualified,
  • Regulated,
  • Insured,
  • Experienced and
  • A Highly Recommended Pregnancy and Birth Specialist, more than capable of giving you and your birth partner the support and tuition you need to achieve the birth you want.

Hypnosis for Birth is being offered by a wide range of hypnotherapists and under a number of different guises. However, they may offer what looks like the same service on the surface, but the quality of tuiton, and consequently the results, can vary widely.  Choosing the right course and Practitioner is therefore a vital decision in ensuring you get the result you want. To make sure your Practitioner has the right qualifications, knowledge and experience to get you the most beneficial results it is advisable to consider the following points:-

Pregnancy and Birth Specialist Knowledge and Skills 

Lorraine has been a qualified practising Midwife for over 11 years and has seen all aspects of pregnancy and birth.  Her in depth knowledge and skills, and full awareness of current modern Midwifery and Obstetrics means that she fully understands the obstacles that some women face when trying to achieve a positive birth.  Her "insider knowledge" also means that she knows how to avoid, minimise and remove these obstacles more easily.  Lorraine's Midwifery registration also demands that she is regularly updated and aware of current research affecting her Midwifery practice. Having personally cared for many hundreds of women in labour at home, in hospital and in birthing units(and well into the thousands antenatally!!!), Lorraine understands what makes a difference to the birthing experience and how to make it so much better.


Natal Hypnotherapists undergo a rigorous training programme taking place over the course of a whole week.  This is in stark contrast to other hypnosis for birth practitioner programmes, which are completed after just two days!  Trainee Natal Hypnotherapists are then required to complete written and practical assessments before they are passed as being qualified to practice. Additionally, Lorraine has a BSc (Hons) degree in Midwifery Studies, as well as completing a Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice module.


Unlike some other practitioners practising hypnosis for birth, Natal Hypnotherapists are strictly regulated by Natal Hypnotherapy head office to ensure that all clients receive the same high quality teaching and achieve the same excellent outcomes.  Naturally, individual Natal Hypnotherapists do bring their own background, additional education and experience to the workshops, but the core information ensures that all workshop attendees feel the full benefits of attending a Natal Hypnotherapy workshop.  Lorraine's additional qualification as a Midwife means that she is also regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Lorraine is the area's most experienced Natal Hypnotherapist, qualifying in 2006 and in practice ever since.  Lorraine has successfully helped a wide range of couples, including those who want to learn pain management techniques, birth partners who wish to understand their role more fully, women anxious about various interventions and personal examinations, overcoming previous birth trauma and distress, and those so petrified of birthing that they originally plan a caesarian section, before changing their mind once feeling the benefits of the course!  As a Midwife, Lorraine has also been able to effectively use her Natal Hypnotherapy skills to benefit women receiving her care during their labour and births, successfully acheiving incredible results with simple techniques introduced during the labour.


More than 25,000 women in the UK alone have benefited from learning Natal Hypnotherapy techniques and 97% would recommend them to others.  Lorraine has a huge number of positive feedback and testimonials from both Natal Hypnotherapy and Midwifery clients, which she is happy to share with you!


Lorraine is registered with FEDANT, the Federation of Antenatal Educators (no.11765) and has Indemnity Insurance for her antenatal workshops.




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