Birth Affinity Midwife Led Birth Preparation Courses

In addition to Natal Hypnotherapy workshops, Birth Affinity are more than able to provide preparation for any area of pregnancy and birth that you wish to learn more about -  from hospital birth to breastfeeding and more! See below for some examples, or contact us with your specific requirements.

Natal hypnotherapy Birth Partners feel more confident!

Professional, caring and non-judgemental - with over 11 years experience providing antenatal care and classes you can trust Birth Affinity to provide a class that is just right for you!

At Birth Affinity, we recognise how important it is to ensure that birth partners are as well prepared for their role as birthing women are for theirs!  For this reason we aim to run classes at times convenient for you both to attend.  Evenings or weekends, intensive or over the space of a week or so - whatever suits you best!


We also appreciate how you want to know what is relevant to YOU!  Why spend your precious time before the birth in classes that have little relevance to your situation?  This is why we individually tailor our courses to your specific requirements.


Look forward to a calm birth with birth Hypnosis Hospital Births

Designed to explain what commonly happens as part of a hospital birth, so you can remain calm and confident, enabling you and your birth partner to manage the experience and make it one that you will treasure!


A chance to explore and gain a greater insight into the physiology of birth and birth mechanics.  The course can include

  • what to pack in a labour bag,
  • what to expect when labour starts,
  • self help methods for managing labour,
  • waterbirth,
  • when to call the hospital,
  • what pain relief might be available, its benefits and disadvantages 
  • ways of managing the birth of the placenta,
  • induction of labour and how to avoid it,
  • what happens with labours that are unduly slow
  • what happens if you need help to birth your baby including caesarian sections,
  • optimal fetal positioning,
  • positions for labour and birth, why they can help and how to adapt them in situations where increased monitoring or intervention becomes necessary,
  • pelvic floor exercises,
  • what happens when you go home, 
  • minor complaints in a newborn's life, such as sticky eyes, and how to manage them.

Includes assistance to write your own birth plan.

Feel the benefit of a relaxing water birth
Expert Support for Natural Birth Choices Homebirth Preparation

At Birth Affinity we recognise how difficult it can sometimes be to receive good support and advice for having your baby at home, not to mention finding parentcraft specifically aimed at homebirthing Mums.  Well search no more! With experience in caring for women having homebirths and personal experience of birthing babies at home, we are ideally placed to help you prepare for your homebirth too!


With a firm focus on the normality of childbirth, we explore labour and birth at home, with topics that can include

  • self help methods,
  • optimal fetal positioning,
  • positions that help labour and birth - and why they help,
  • waterbirth,
  • options for birthing the placenta, including lotus births 
  • pelvic floor exercises and why they are important,  
  • minor complaints in a newborn's life, such as sticky eyes, and how to manage them.

We also like to provoke discussion around what constitutes a "normal" birth and what intervention is or isn't, so that we can really focus in on what you want to acheive from your birth experience.  Includes assistance to write your own birth plan.

Be calm, confident and relaxed with birth hypnosis


Enjoy Successful Breastfeeding Breastfeeding

We all know that "Breast is Best" and here at Birth Affinity we really appreciate how vital good breastfeeding information and support is.  We believe our comprehensive breastfeeding preparation class contains all the essentials to help you on your way to enjoying successful breastfeeding.

Includes an explanation of breast physiology, how breastfeeding works and correct positioning and attachment.  Common breastfeeding problems, such as sore nipples, their causes, prevention and treatment are also included as part of this in-depth preparation for successful breastfeeding.  

 If you require information and support with any other aspect of pregnancy and birth not mentioned here, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

07751 307902


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