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Calm parents, calm baby!

"Lorraine was quite simply magnificent! Words really can't express just how grateful I am to her...she helped me have the birth I dreamed of. They say that some people you meet leave footprints in your heart...Lorraine has certainly done that... I. Will never forget her. With huge thanks" - Sue

"the birth was just how I wanted it. At home in my living room, with candles and the music. The natal hypnotherapy techniques worked wonders during the contractions for 4 hours which started at 7pm. There was just Costas and me in the living room, me sitting on the birthing ball and everytime I had a contraction Costas put his lips on mine so I could hear his breathing so I could follow it's rhythm. When I rang the midwife at about 9 pm she didn't believe that I was on labour at all! I was very calm, relaxed and I think costas was in total control of the whole thing, he made the best birthing partner ever. He even said that he enjoyed it afterwards! I couldn't have done without the natal hypnotherapy- it was brilliant. Thank you for your help and I will recommend the course to anyone I come across with a bump!"  - Hadie and Costas

"Thanks to the course I attended with you I had a really positive birth experience.  It made me totally confident about my ability to give birth naturally and I was very determined to get what I wanted! It really helped me to block out all negativity and have a lovely experience." - Karen

"Hi Lorraine, hope that you are well. Just wanted to let you know our news, Scarlett decided to grace us with her presence a little early, I was 38 weeks. She decided to come on my first day off work. My waters broke on Friday at ten am, I didn't start to feel the contractions til ten thirty that evening, we went to the hospital at midnight by the time I got there I was 6cm, unfortunately the birth pool wasn't available but the midwife ran me a deep bath and I had some gas and air in there. An hour later and a few pushes and she was born. Thankyou for all your help, I definitely think that you helped make my labour shorter and more natural. Plus I have (so far) a very contented calm baby" Sam, Lee and Scarlett xxx

"Hi Lorraine! Lucia was born on 1 Feb 2011 - 1 day before the due date. She was 3.2Kg and 51cm a healthy and cute baby (the cutest baby at the hospital..I did a survey!:)).  She is an eating machine and has gained weight in her first week (140gr). Lucia doesn't seem to have the Latin look...hope that at least she gets the Latin character!  I managed to be calm, focus and able to make the right decisions. Natal Hypnotherapy helped me through a difficult labor without it I am sure I'd have ended up with a c section.  Paul was amazing!!!!!!. We are both well recovering at home and Paul and I are full of joy and happiness!" Evelyn

"You could feel / experience improvement in relaxing during the two days" A.H., London

"Excellent. Understanding, funny and a real enthusiast. TOP MARKS. Very easy going and a brilliant support. I feel much closer to my wife in relation to the birth now that I have been trained properly. THANK YOU"
T.T., London

"She (Lorraine Berry) was fantastic and I would recommend her to anybody who is concerned about birth" C.S., Kent

"Excellent way to spend a weekend before birth"
R.H., London

"Very effective at transforming negative thoughts into positive feelings. I want to thank Lorraine. I had a traumatic first birth, but thanks to her I'll be able to a enjoy a second natural home birth"
A.C., Portugal

"I was more surprised than I imagined at how positive and relaxed I feel today and look forward to the birth - bring it on now!" S.W., Woking 

 "Lorraine, Just to let you know he's here, and thank you again.  Waters broke from about 10.30 Saturday morning, contractions kicked in hard and fast.  I wanted to be lying down, so lay on bed on my side and got to fully dilated before the midwife arrived!  Paul didn't believe when I told him it would be quick.  Paul kept me focused on my breathing and the Natal Hypnotherapy helped enormously.  I needed to hear him demonstrating calm breathing each contraction.  Both Paul and I are convinced that the Natal Hypnotherapy kept me calm and allowed me to deliver him with no pain relief at all... I would have another home birth in a minute!  Thank you so much for everything you did for us, Kindest regards". R. and P.C., Enfield








Hi Lorraine,



I'm not sure if you remember me exactly as I'm sure you saw lots of couples over that period however I was the one who was absolutely terrified of giving birth to the point that I actually wanted an elective c-section. My midwife at the time was horrified that I wanted to give birth in this 'unnatural' way. So she asked me to give the Natal Hypnotherapy course a try. At the time I didn't think anything would change my fear of childbirth and had already seen a consultant at the hospital to discuss elective c-sec births and my next appointment was to book the date my baby would be delivered. However my husband and I attended this weekend course top see if this would have any affect on 
my fears. 


I am delighted to say that the course did in fact change my thoughts and fears on birth. In a nutshell basically it made me believe in my own abilities, it made me realise how amazing my body is and most of all it made me believe in myself more than I ever have done before. I told myself that that I'm not the only woman in the world to give birth and that if it was that horrific women wouldn't go on to have more children. Therefore on my return from the course I cancelled my next appointment at the hospital for the birth date to be booked and I started reading up on the last chapter of my pregnancy / birth book. This was the chapter that I didn't even look at because I was so adamant I wanted a c-sec birth. Don't get me wrong I was still scared at this point but more confident.

Well the total duration of my labour was 4 days and my baby was 11 days late! My established labour started at 4am and at 4pm I gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter Charlotte weighing in at a whopping 8lb 13oz, which is a big baby for my small frame! I did have an epidural but this was more because of my exhaustion. I was then able to get some much needed sleep before it was time to push. My husband Chris was with me every step of the way and was so fantastic and supportive. I remember so clearly thinking at the time that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and that I could go through it again..... and I will be because Chris and I are expecting our second baby at the end of September!

This time round I have no fears and I have a close friend who is putting off having children because she shares the same fears I had. She would love children one day soon and I have told her to go on the Natal Hypnotherapy course and I have told her my experiences and what I gained from it.

I adore being a mum, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm still pretty proud of myself for giving birth too!!" Jane and Chris, East Sussex

natal hypnotherapy- hypnosis for pregnancy, birth and beyond

During my first pregnancy, I became aware of Natal Hypnotherapy and began using the techniques early on. I was keen to have a natural birthing experience and planned to have a water birth at home. I experienced a little negativity from my obstetrician who wanted to induce my baby at term,  as I did not appear to be carrying a very large baby. However, I felt instinctively that my baby was the right size for me and was confident in my natural ability to birth my baby safely and calmly - all of which was reinforced by the regular self hypnosis sessions I was doing. It was as if I had a protective cocoon around me to ward off any negative opinions or comments. When I started to labour, I was not conscious of choosing to use Natal Hypnotherapy techniques during the birth - it was something that just happened naturally and subconsciously. I began to feel that labour was imminent during the evening of my due date - nothing definate happened, it was just a feeling or instinct.  Shortly before we went to bed, I started to feel period type tightenings and so my husband put the TENS on my back and we both tried to get some sleep.  By about 2am, I realised that the tightenings were regular enough for me to feel that the pool needed filling and that I would appreciate the support of my Midwife. Once in my "womb room" (I had set our dining room up as a nest to have the baby in - dim lights, mattresses on the floor, pool etc) my labour found its own rhythm and I found that so long as I went with what my body needed to do, I was quite easily able to manage the sensations.  I am absolutely certain that the techniques enabled me to acheive the birth I had dreamed of. I laboured at home with the loving support of my husband and my midwife, never feeling the need for any "pain relief" and finding contractions manageable at all times. I was completely aware of what was happening, although I am told I appeared to be sleeping, and felt in control and relaxed. I found the water pool to be a fantastic help and the warm water was incredibly soothing. My waters broke at 6cms dilated and I can remember thinking, "Right, now I can have my baby". My labour progress was then very rapid, from 6cm to birthing in just over an hour.  The birth itself was euphoric - I birthed my baby in the pool with no need for any additional help and can honestly say that I really enjoyed this part!  I remember looking down through the water to see him emerge from my body gently and lifting him through the water to cuddle him close.  He was extremely healthy and alert, and breastfed almost immediately. It was the most incredible experience. I had a natural third stage, birthing the placenta about an hour later.

My second son was also born at home using Natal Hypnotherapy and again the birth was a completely natural, calm and peaceful experience.  This time, my labour began at 38 weeks, catching all of us by surprise!  My Midwife was on her way back from Leeds and her colleague was in Germany, leaving an emergency cover with a Midwife that I hadn't met before.  My husband wasn't expected home until that evening, so I was alone when my waters broke at 2pm. I felt remarkably calm and was phoning the Midwife and my husband telling them not to rush as I was sure that things would take a while.  Fortunately, no one paid any attention to this and came straight away as my labour progressed very rapidly.  As with my previous birth, I felt calm and in control, despite it appearing at one stage that I might have to birth my baby alone.  Although we had a pool, we hadn't set it up, so I ran a warm bath instead and dimmed the lights - a quick substitute to my womb room!  As before, I made no subconscious effort to use hypnosis, but the techniques naturally and effortlessly clicked into place.  My husband arrived home about an hour before the birth, the Midwife making it with about 30 minutes to spare. My whole labour was just under 4 hours and was again the most amazing experience.  My second son was 2lb heavier than my first, despite being 2 weeks earlier, but the birth was still a totally manageable and relaxed experience, I had no perineal tears and he too was a calm contented baby that breastfed brilliantly almost immediately after birth.  I birthed the placenta about an hour later and not long after we were all tucked up in bed as a family, celebrating our new arrival with a fish and chip supper, toasted with Champagne!

natal hypnotherapy- hypnosis for pregnancy, birth and beyond
"Back in July 2007 the birth of our son Miles was rather mixed.  I was in labour for about 30 hours and found the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques very very helpful.  I had no drugs whatsoever and actually felt in control and really fairly comfortable.  Unfortunately when we got to the birthing centre at Queen Charlottes they gave me an internal and discovered that Miles was breech.  By this stage I was 8cm dilated so it was a bit mad then and I was rushed into theatre for a c-section.  Clearly the experience didn't put us off as our second son, Zach, was born last October!!!!  I'm a advocate of the course you ran and have recommended it to quite a few people who live near me.  Rob also highly recommends the course, he often tells people how he felt so much more informed and comfortable with the birth and relaxed during my first labour" Andrea and Rob, London

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